Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Till death do us part! ;)

I can safely and proudly say that i'm one of those people who have not one, but a couple of ladies that hold the best friend status in my life. Lucky me :D
 So here it goes to the best people of my life, the people who have selflessly been there throughout, my chuddy-buddies, my best friends forever.
I'm gonna introduce you to three fantastic people here, my personal power puff girls. :)

I walk into my new school all scared and sweaty to see baboons in the name of kids in class. Enters mademoiselle Shivani. Walks straight up to me and tells me we could be bestfriends. Yeah right, best friends in the first go. Beat that! And there! Our friendship began.
Throughout school she was my savior. When girls would be busy chatting away their time, the two of us would be running around, playing games like wild untamed beasts.
Her enemies in school automatically became my enemies, and vice versa. It was always understood.
She saw me through my good, bad and awkward phases and stuck with me. While i was a complete introvert in my junior classes, she was 'the' dude. She had a gazillion friends and she knew almost everyone in town! We met in fourth grade. Its been fourteen years now and we've separated in terms of distance, but that changes nothing between us.
She is the girl you go to with your problems, no matter what they are, and she solves them no matter what!
She's that girl who'll chase down hot guys on the road till it reaches the point of pure stalking. :P
She's the girl who'll leave all her important jobs to sit with you and browse through endless sites to fish for you the perfect birthday dress.
She's the girl you want to tell all your embarrassing secrets to, but also not want to tell them, for she will make fun of you for the rest of your life!
She still is the love of my life :D

Next comes Shreyaa. Oh good lord! One look at her and you'll know she's the naughtiest kid of the gang. She has the complexion of a dove, wears nerdy glasses(is anything but a nerd) and has a very hot fashion sense.
She's the girl who'll introduce you to someone saying "She's so and so from so and so..bla bla bla..and btw, she has a great ass" and you just stand there red faced not knowing what to do. She'll kiss you on your lips and be ecstatic about it. She'll flatter your mother no end and totally hit on her like a roadside romeo. :P
She's the most spontaneous and random girl ever. She is also one of the silliest, most spastic, cheesiest people I've ever known. She might even seem dysfunctional to some, but her idiosyncrasies feel normal to me now :P
She's the life of our group and i love her no end. :)

My third power puff girl is Supriya. She keeps innocence intact in our group. :P
She's the homely kind. She's the kind of girl a guy looks for to marry! Totally lovable, soft and ladylike. I don't know how she puts up with us manly hooligans!
Unlike us random people, she actually plans stuff in advance. She has a steady boyfriend for ten years or so and i'm sure she'll end up marrying him only :)
She's the quiet one, the one who keeps us somewhat sane.
We would be nothing without her!

How I wish, the four of us could live together. Life would be crazy fun. If it were up to me to decide, i would make you all shift to a common neighborhood and then we all could live next door happily. :P
I miss you guys. I miss all of you. We may go weeks without talking at times, but you're still the first people i dial whenever anything important happens!
I know we have an unbreakable bond. I hope it only grows stronger with time. :)
I lurrvvvvvv you bawa log :D