Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Because in the end all you got is memories!

Picture this…

One normal day. Nothing special. You and your significant other are together. Just spending the day together, doing nothing extraordinary. Just enjoying the mere presence of each other. No questions, no answers.  Just silence which is bliss for the moment. All troubles seem to evaporate; all worries seem to have evaded the both of you. You are very comfortable around each other, not conscious at all… One minute you are walking aimlessly, the next minute you’re sitting holding hands enjoying the serene beauty. The crowd all around seems to drown out. You talk, you blabber, about anything and everything…you do not hold back anything.  This day is better than the endless birthdays you've celebrated and the endless parties you've crashed. You wonder why this feels so good, so pure. But you do not bother to find the reason. You don’t want to. This feels perfect and you don’t want to spoil the beauty of the moment reasoning. You invite looks but nothing seems to bother you enough today. This is your day and you are living it to the fullest. This is one rare time when you realize the importance of the one sitting right beside you. How you need no words around him. Your eyes play the trick. You realize that you’re in love. And nothing else matters!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Teenager no more!

This post is for my all time favorite valentine.
My little sister turns 20 today!
Wish her a happppieeeeeeeee birthday fellas! :)

Chutput, I wish you all the love and luck in the world. Have all the fun while you can, you're now in your prime sister! :D
May you grow cuter every passing day. :D
Stay happy, stay chubby!
Gobble down all of the cake. Party hard!
Lots of kisses. :* :*

PS: For those of you who don't know, she has a blog under the name "It's always sunny in my-delphia". You might wanna check it out. She's awesome! ;)

Friday, 8 February 2013

An eclectic literary childhood!

I sometimes ponder as to what kind of a person I would have been had I not been such a reading addict since childhood. Its not a very pretty picture, believe me. I am one of those people who believe that you are what you read, one of those people who like the smell of fresh crisp pages of a new book and the rustic one of an old book, one of those who’d prefer reading a novel over watching a movie any day.

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. Indeed.
I think the moment I was out of the “toddlerism”, I was into books! It all started with the Snow White, Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel stories and continued to the Alice in wonderland and Pinocchio and Noddy ones. I could never get enough of them. I devoured them.
Enid Blyton was my savior in my early school days. She was my God back then. Whilst all the kids around were watching cartoons, my nose would be deep in The Famous Five and Secret Seven books. Their adventures took me to another dreamy land of my own. On getting back from school and inquiring mum about the lunch, I would expect mom to give me fancy names like jam tarts, ham, sardine sandwiches and ginger beer, and would be disappointed to get the regular stuff.
Then entered Mademoiselle Nancy Drew. Oh boy! She and her mustang and her mysteries would send me spiraling to another world altogether. I have sweet memories with Sweet Valley High and Chicken soup too. Then came the hostel life phase. Malory Towers, St. Clare’s, The naughtiest girl series. I had read them one and all. R.L Stine's novels and Hardy boys I would finish on an hourly basis and switch to the next. Life was on a roll. I didn't need anything but my books. My ultimate dream would be to make a huge walk in library of my own.
When teenage hit me, I was happily consuming Agatha Christie, Sidney Sheldon, Robin Cook, Danielle Steele, Ayn Rand and Harry Potter books. Nicholas Sparks and Cecilia Ahern books would trigger the romantic side i never knew existed in me.
Now when I think of all the books I grew up with I get nostalgic. I also realize what an indiscriminate and voracious reader I was back then. Unfortunately, now I am more picky about what I read. The reviews have to be nice, the author has to be good. I have read some great novels the picky way but i still wish i had the capacity to read indiscriminately even now.

I remember when exams approached us, mom would lock our mini library but my sister and i just couldn't be stopped. We would manage to steal a book or two from elsewhere. We’d sit in the bathroom for hours on the pretext of shitting and bathing while we were actually reading the book! At night, we would lie down on the floor and read in the tail light so that mom wouldn't notice we were up!

“Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.”
― John Green
Its like this man entered my thoughts and spoke for me! When i read a novel, i am oblivious of everything around me. I’m walking in a haze, mesmerized and spellbound, looking at everything through a different prism.
I actually feel sad for those who don’t read. They don’t know what they are missing out on. When you read you can make your imagination fly!
All in all, i think i would've been a completely different personality if it were not for all the books that i have read.I can’t possibly be eloquent about how much I love reading, so I’ll just stop here.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Perfection in Imperfection.

"You just have to lose a little flab from there and you'll look hot as hell!"

"Just get a plastic surgery for your nose and you can become a supermodel, seriously!"

"Everything looks just perfect except for those flabby arms. Do something about that and you'll look just fine."

"You have lovely eyes, but the dark circles are killing it!"

Why does everything have to be about looks? And why in hell's name does everyone have a comment reserved for you?!
If you wanted to become a supermodel, wouldn't you already be in that line? Why would you be wasting your brains and energy in engineering?! But no, people decide your profession for you. People decide how you should look, how you should dress, how you should speak. They have this f-ing urge to put their snotty noses in everything.

I'm a little disgusted here.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

High on life!

I woke up to my mother's beautiful voice singing in the kitchen preparing the regular Sunday brunch. I fished for my mobile under my pillow(a herculean task!). Damn. It was 11 already. I had such important stuff lined up for the day and I was already running late. I'd have to get back home before it got dark. I wouldn't get enough time. Shit square.:O I leaped out of my bed, rushed in the kitchen to give mom a peck on the cheek before i got on with the rest of the work.
I jumped into the most comfortable denims i owned, a gunji and a cardigan, slipped into my loafers as fast as i could. Just a hint of kohl and big jhumkas would do the trick i think to myself. I devour the sumptuous meal prepared by mom. One look at the clock and i swear to myself i'd get up early every morning for the rest of my Sundays!
I rush out of the house waving a quick goodbye to mum, reassuring her with a look that i'd be back before dark, and walk steadily towards my destination. My hair's escaping from the ties but who cares.
45 more minutes of walking and rickshaw and metro and there! I have reached. Stands before me in all its glory Select city walk mall, the pride of Delhi. I walk in the mall through the gigantic glass-doors all sweaty and panting, with most of my perfume worn off, like a victorious warrior. And i look around and see the four letter words on each showroom that can make a woman's wildly beating heart flip: "SALE"..Oh my! So many shops to cover in such little time! I begin on my rampage. I storm past fancily dressed women and haughty young men to get the best bargains. I have saved for long now and i deserve a little treat. I pick up pretty scarves and dresses and accessories. I throw questions at the sales guy till he gets tempted in his mind to quit his job "You got a size L in this?" "What other shades you got in this piece?". I rush to the trial rooms. Baah. I can't buy all of it. How disheartening. I wish i could trade my life with that super rich fool who had all the money in the world to buy her the best of everything but no taste in life whatsoever! :l
Unfair god!

I buy a select few items from the huge lot that i'd collected in the trial room making a mental note of all the things i'll have to convince mom to buy for me. And run to the other stores. The saga continues.
Irritated salesgirls. Long queue of people cursing me outside the trial room while i try almost the entire store. Billing counter and the momentary depression.
And then i finally walk out of the mall, a triumphant look on my face, arms numb from holding all the shopping bags, a growling stomach and money barely enough to land me home. Mom's gonna be so furious. :O

I save for months, and it takes one day, just one day to blow it all.
Never mind! I convince myself that treating yourself once in a few months is not too bad! =D

Is it just me with the shopping fixation? Or do you suffer from the same thing?

What i have come to realize over the time is that women are fixated with shopping, more so with sales! I'm not implying that men aren't. They may be. But women just are. Like its flowing in their blood, and no, the monthly cleansing just doesn't help them get rid of it! Women and their undying fascination with sales!
It is truly said that it is the best cure for all the problems of a woman. Well, chocolate too.
But anyway, coming back to shopping, my funda in life is simple. Shop till you drop. :D
If things go wrong, a pretty dress washes the problem away for a day or two! ;)

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Corrective Rapes: A Heinous Crime

I’m about to bring into light an execrable practice followed in South Africa and some parts of Thailand, Ecuador, Canada, and Zimbabwe. Homosexuality is not only looked down upon in these particular areas but also considered a sin! How primitive can man be in his thoughts can be judged by this very fact.
Corrective rape is the use of rape against people who violate social norms regarding human sexuality, often lesbians but sometimes gay men, with a goal of punishment of abnormal behavior and reinforcement of societal norms. Did you read ‘the use of rape’? Yes, you read it right.  In short, you must be treated like an animal if by chance you’re not straight.

This, in the terms of the perpetrator, is the punishment for not being the conventional (as if it were a choice!) and a way of teaching a lesson to them less powerful women on how to be a real woman. What’s worse is that the government of South Africa does nothing to prevent this horrendous practice. The legal system there hasn't yet recognized corrective rape as a hate crime even though the South African Constitution states that no person shall be discriminated against based on their social status and identity.
The present status says that more than 10 lesbians are raped or gang raped weekly in many zones in South Africa. This might be under reported considering the large number of women who do not report due to lack in faith in the police, because of the heights of ignorance of people in their community and culture, and not to forget the negative social view of homosexuality!
I wonder what kind of pigs must be ruling that country. Are they really the most intelligent and forward men of the world? I don’t think so. They need the face the reality and learn that homosexuality isn't a disease that can be treated, by rape at that!
Eudy Simelaine, who played for the South Africa Women's national team was an LGBT-rights activist and one of the first women in the country to live openly as a lesbian, was raped, stabbed 25 times in the face, chest and legs, and murdered in her hometown KwaThema. In another case, Nosizwe Nomsa Bizana, who had been raped at gunpoint by five men and infected with HIV, died. 
In a distressing case 13-year-old twin daughters of a woman were raped because she was gay. One of the girls later committed suicide. 

Another case of Zukiswa Gaca who is still struggling to understand how an ordinary night out ended with her getting raped.
She had been drinking with friends just 25 miles from the cosmopolitan Cape Town.
Speaking to CNN's, World's Untold Stories, the 20-year-old described how she had been asked out by a 'friendly' man she met in a bar.
'I told the guy that no I'm a lesbian so I don't date guys,' she says.
'He said to me, "I understand. I've got friends that are lesbians, that's cool, I don't have a problem with that."'
He was lying.
At the home of one of his friends, where they had gone after the bar, he attacked her.
''He said to me, "you know what? I hate lesbians and I'm about to show you that you are not a man, as you are treating yourself like a man'.

If this is the treatment meted out to you for coming out of the closet, then chances are you’ll always stay locked up in a cage for the fear of losing your life if you come out in the open.
It is barbarous and inhuman.  It is nothing but sadistic pleasures dubbed as “Corrective Rapes”. It is but the result of deeply entrenched sexism in the society. Disgusting crimes and violation of human rights will continue ravaging society as long as only a few stand up and raise their voice in protection of marginalized individuals and minorities.
It is time their government took a step because truth be told homosexuality can’t be rubbed off. You can’t catch it. You can’t treat it. These demoniac crimes have to stop because no matter how you put it, rape is rape and it is not acceptable, end of story.