Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Incorrigible Chauvinist.

We women are indecipherable. We abhor men who keep brooding about their sex. We keep throwing tantrums about how difficult it is being a woman, a lady, and that being the opposite sex is so much easier. But then given a chance, would any of us like to be born as a man? Would any of us like to trade the life of a woman (miserable as we tend to call it) for the life of a man (rocking as we tend to see it)? Guessing the kind of hardcore “gender-narcissists” we are, I don’t think so!
How much ever we crib about the negatives that we have to put up with, we just can’t help loving and unknowingly taking pride in the fact that we were born into this beautiful gender, and we surely wouldn't have it any other way!
There are major reasons why someone would love being a woman but here are some of the tiny little nonsensical reasons why I love being a woman.
We can order colorful, fruity and delicious drinks, with the prettiest garnishing without being stared at as an alien.

We can cry and wail and howl when we are stressed without being called sissy.
Our clothes aren't limited to shirts and trousers and our looks to stripes and solids.
We don’t have to be a freaking sports buff to get a bunch of friends.
We ALWAYS get a seat in public transport for ourselves in the craziest of times, thanks to people who made the laws!
We can be afraid of cockroaches and lizards all we want, and still not be laughed at.
We get treated like princesses on our birthdays unlike the guys who dread their birthdays, for reasons obvious. No one likes to get a black eye on their day. :P
We can see through people, and nine out of ten times, our intuitions are accurate.
We can co-ordinate an event on SMS, update an entire bunch of friends on Bluetooth and get done with our course for the test next day, all at the same time.

We can have babies. :)

We don’t have to worry about coarse mustache and beard every morning.
Lastly, we can genuinely love pink or any other bright color without being judged. :D

I indeed love being a woman. Don’t you? :D


  1. Hi, thanks for sharing your blog with me! I'm in terrible need of a new read, almost every time. :) If you're a first-time blogger, its always hard getting followers and other like-minded bloggers initially, but you'll get there, provided you keep writing! And, you've got some nice write-ups.. :)

  2. Hi!
    I did have a blog earlier with a decent 120 something followers but apparently someone didn't like it much and hacked my gmail and poof! my blog was gone like it never existed. :l
    It took me months to get back to blogging, but finally, here i am again! :D

  3. it's an amazing piece of work diksha <3

  4. it's an amazing piece of work diksha <3

  5. :)

    Liked your thoughts!

    Following you <3

  6. I guess we have an exception to "The grass is always greener on the other side"

    Good one :D

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  7. This is something really interesting!:)

  8. Hey madam,

    That was like a bolt from the blue. I am glad to see you back on my blog. Where were you all this while? Your blog just pulled the plug on itself and you were not to be seen at all. I do remember you. See the comments on this post ( and you will know if I remembered or not. :)

    Well. Nice to have you back and hope to see you back in your blogging form.

    Take care.
    Vicky Dada.

    1. My gmail and facebook got hacked, and so my blog also got hacked coz it was linked and i lost it. :(
      It took me this long to get back here. My bad i know. I missed being here!

  9. Well said :)
    Found your blog :D
    Follow back, okay? Keep you word and all. Don't ditch haan?

    1. Ditch? Me? Naah. :P
      I subscribed by email. I dont see any follow option on your blog. :X

      Btw, Welcome to my blog. :D

  10. Awesome read :) Actually, I think we women are really strong, and despite being the delicate darlings that the world calls us, it is the men who come home to hugs of his women (mother, daughter, gf/wife)at the end of any given day to feel better!

    thanks for dropping by :)

  11. Such a cute post :) Oh yes, being a female is bliss :) plus we can get pick up services easily, thanks to the boys who love to show their bikes off :D

    1. Haha. Right. Most of the times we just have to go all puppy-facey and there! we get our way. =D

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  13. That was so damn true.... I absolutely love being a women :) Loved the post.

    Hey girl... would you like to follow each other!

    Lemme know :)

    Love <3
    Tanuja :)


  14. Hey girl... following u..

    hope u follow back

    Tanuja :)

  15. Oh! Hell yah!! I would want to be a woman in every life. One of the reason >> Peeing while people humming around you - heck no!!!

  16. There is a never-ending list of the advantages that we girls enjoy.
    From manicures to the complimentary drinks...we girls get so lucky sometimes!
    So world, keep pampering us... :)

  17. just too good...keep it up...!!!1

  18. God bless you. Read your page today brilliant work! ...but in this world of immature people, there too lives some puppies who loves showing off their bikes and too have a reclusive heart, hope you wont miss it behind just for being a cinderela, you have advantage but disadvantage of being hacked, anyways keep it up! :)