Saturday, 2 February 2013

Corrective Rapes: A Heinous Crime

I’m about to bring into light an execrable practice followed in South Africa and some parts of Thailand, Ecuador, Canada, and Zimbabwe. Homosexuality is not only looked down upon in these particular areas but also considered a sin! How primitive can man be in his thoughts can be judged by this very fact.
Corrective rape is the use of rape against people who violate social norms regarding human sexuality, often lesbians but sometimes gay men, with a goal of punishment of abnormal behavior and reinforcement of societal norms. Did you read ‘the use of rape’? Yes, you read it right.  In short, you must be treated like an animal if by chance you’re not straight.

This, in the terms of the perpetrator, is the punishment for not being the conventional (as if it were a choice!) and a way of teaching a lesson to them less powerful women on how to be a real woman. What’s worse is that the government of South Africa does nothing to prevent this horrendous practice. The legal system there hasn't yet recognized corrective rape as a hate crime even though the South African Constitution states that no person shall be discriminated against based on their social status and identity.
The present status says that more than 10 lesbians are raped or gang raped weekly in many zones in South Africa. This might be under reported considering the large number of women who do not report due to lack in faith in the police, because of the heights of ignorance of people in their community and culture, and not to forget the negative social view of homosexuality!
I wonder what kind of pigs must be ruling that country. Are they really the most intelligent and forward men of the world? I don’t think so. They need the face the reality and learn that homosexuality isn't a disease that can be treated, by rape at that!
Eudy Simelaine, who played for the South Africa Women's national team was an LGBT-rights activist and one of the first women in the country to live openly as a lesbian, was raped, stabbed 25 times in the face, chest and legs, and murdered in her hometown KwaThema. In another case, Nosizwe Nomsa Bizana, who had been raped at gunpoint by five men and infected with HIV, died. 
In a distressing case 13-year-old twin daughters of a woman were raped because she was gay. One of the girls later committed suicide. 

Another case of Zukiswa Gaca who is still struggling to understand how an ordinary night out ended with her getting raped.
She had been drinking with friends just 25 miles from the cosmopolitan Cape Town.
Speaking to CNN's, World's Untold Stories, the 20-year-old described how she had been asked out by a 'friendly' man she met in a bar.
'I told the guy that no I'm a lesbian so I don't date guys,' she says.
'He said to me, "I understand. I've got friends that are lesbians, that's cool, I don't have a problem with that."'
He was lying.
At the home of one of his friends, where they had gone after the bar, he attacked her.
''He said to me, "you know what? I hate lesbians and I'm about to show you that you are not a man, as you are treating yourself like a man'.

If this is the treatment meted out to you for coming out of the closet, then chances are you’ll always stay locked up in a cage for the fear of losing your life if you come out in the open.
It is barbarous and inhuman.  It is nothing but sadistic pleasures dubbed as “Corrective Rapes”. It is but the result of deeply entrenched sexism in the society. Disgusting crimes and violation of human rights will continue ravaging society as long as only a few stand up and raise their voice in protection of marginalized individuals and minorities.
It is time their government took a step because truth be told homosexuality can’t be rubbed off. You can’t catch it. You can’t treat it. These demoniac crimes have to stop because no matter how you put it, rape is rape and it is not acceptable, end of story.


  1. That's just horrible :(

    I can't believe what I just read. 'use of rape' and to 'treat' homosexuality? What kind of filth is filled in the minds of those people?

    1. I dunno man. I wish I could enter the filthy brains of those schmucks and twist and turn their thought process!

  2. God creates humans; gives them unlimited intelligence, but a limited world. At some point, the beings are bound to be frustrated. And when that happens, they shall have no other option but to turn against themselves.

    1. How in heaven's name can you think so rationally?

  3. OMG!! Phew! I am straight n m an Indian,,,
    I feel dejected after being acknowledged of this despicable act!! How can these scums do such things!!! Aaaaa! Brutes! All those guilties should be tossed in a hot pan like pancakes!

    1. I'm sure such have happened and are happening in our country too. The only difference is that it has come to surface in South Africa.

      And the thought of tossing them in a hot pan, wishful thinking. :l