Saturday, 2 March 2013

Lots of wine speaking, or maybe not!

Since her early teens, or even before, she was fed with stories with fairy-tale endings. She saw some similar things as she grew up. She also saw stale relationships. Everything got mixed up in her mind. And when it was time for love to bump into her, she didn't know what to think of it. She couldn't recognize it.
She, like other normal, abnormal people dreamt of love and how it would shape her life many a times. There had been so many fabulous men that she'd known and compared to the man of her DAY-dreams. They all lacked somewhere or the other. :/

It would be so magical if she just met somebody someday unplanned, like it happens in 'Before Sunrise'. She adores that movie for those two spontaneous beings in it. She would want a man whose mere presence would arouse her. Someone who'd understand her randomness. Or not. But shoot back with randomness to match her own. Someone she'd get to know not because he liked her or loved her and made a public display of it, but because of other reasons interesting and inexplicable! Someone who wouldn't have to try so hard to understand her. Somebody who could witness her moods, angelic or demonic, without a word uttered. Someone who could match her dreams, beat her in dreaming unrealistic dreams, and play by her in making them happen! She never wanted her replica, that would be much too suffocating to handle, but yes, she would certainly want him to be of her kind. By her kind, she meant not playing by the rules, getting crazy, going unconventional.Alongside, he should be real career oriented. Someone who could strike the balance chord whenever she shook it. Someone hard as a rock, yet emotional in little ways. Rhett Butler like. ;)
Someone who didn't need any explaining. Someone who'd understand her instant needs and carefree attitude. Someone who has the power to send chills down her back with just a longing glance. Someone who'd be as straightforward as a man could be, as chivalrous as a man could get! No P.R.E.T.E.N.S.E. It's the biggest put off ever.
Someone who'd understand her cynicism, her enigmatic behavior, her periodic insanity.Someone who'd make her buried-deep-in-the-ground spirits touch the skies in a matter of seconds. Someone who'd appreciate and understand the look in her eyes more than the voice which btw, she happened to lose at times!
Someone who would effortlessly have her lusting for him without himself knowing. Someone who could make her go mad with one lift of the eyebrow! Someone who would let her be morally incorrect at times without telling her to behave.Someone with whom no planning was required. Impulse was what worked. Spontaneity was what was adored.
Someone who'd reek passion. Someone who couldn't keep his feet in place when music played. ;)

Someone for whom she would be ready to quit every ounce of sanity in herself, if asked to. Someone who's sense of humor would make her's look petty. Someone who'd be as love struck by her, as she by him. Someone who would complete her. Someone who could naturally make her feel feminine, feel good about herself. Someone with intelligence she could only dream of acquiring. Someone who'd respect her without any conditions, love her without any inhibitions. Someone who could make the world look puny and a hut look majestic if he wanted to.Someone whose surprises would thrill her every single time! Someone who could make her feel at ease in the most trying situations. Someone whose hug would heal her.
Someone who'd embrace her passions as his own, whose eccentricity inspired her very own.
Someone who could be himself in front of the damn world and couldn't care less about what people had to say about it. Someone who wouldn't be afraid of the demons in her she's so afraid to unleash! Someone with whom she wouldn't give two hoots to the worldy things. Someone who'd encourage her to get high on life without a single trace of fear of losing her...

She could go on and on...Ultimately, she'd want to be with somebody with whom there would never have been this post, or such crazy stuff.

But the last wish that crosses her mind is to have a life far from regrets.

"Love is when someone will adore the air i breathe, and understand my silent arcs and my consequent lust. love will be unsaid, just in his eyes and floating freely in my heart...!"

People don't write sonnets about being compatible. Or novels about shared life goals and stimulating conversation. The great loves are the crazy ones! ;)

PS: This is an old write of mine. Just got back from a sports fest and have been sleeping day and night ever since. Will be back to writing in a while! :)


  1. Wow what a perfect description it is...:)
    keep writing..:)

  2. oooo.. thats a long list..:D Hope you find the man of your dreams.. :) Nicely written..Well expressed!
    Happy Blogging! :)

  3. Hope 'she' finds the man of her dreams.
    There's no 'I' in the post if you notice. You never know if its about me or someone else. ;)

    1. hehe.. my bad.. hope "she" finds.. :D

  4. too good..loved that part especially where you described when we really find that we love someone(love is when...) keep writing more of such beautiful posts:)

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  6. Hope you find the one soon! :) Lovely write up.

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  8. Its lovely..i guess every gal would have a long list like this. nicely written. keep up the gud work

  9. The person inside each one of us always willing for a fairytale story.
    Beautifully depicted :)

  10. Absolutely lovely thoughts :)
    I am already following you :)

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    You have such an inspirational blog, I love it


  12. beautifully portrait..n..nicely written !!


  13. it's just BEAUTIFUL ! The description , the longing of finding that someone , the last quote you wrote , all of it is just mesmerizingly beautiful and it jus perfectly describes that prince-charming we (most of the girls) dream about ! i hope such kinda guy exists , now i jus cannot stop day-dreamin about this imaginary someone ! Loved your writing , waiting for more ! Do visit my blog sometime , andd ohh you jus got a new follower ;)

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