Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Fashionistas. Ahem, really?

 What comes to your mind when you hear the word fashion? Is it the glossy, glamorous world you see around? Or maybe, the movie fashion springs up to your mind! Well according to me fashion is just another art to represent something in its most exclusive form, and glamour is just another element of fashion!
And Fashionistas, are they icons or victims? I say both! The models, designers, actors proudly label themselves as fashionistas never once thinking that there could be more to it than just the upper silken and flashy meaning and that they are either being iconised or being victimised(mostly the latter)! Glamour has always stood for something exquisite, elegant and beautiful whereas Fashion, has become a clumsy world where people go to fill their pockets and end up dirtying their lives. If u see it as a ticket to the filmy duniya, u r VICTIMISED by default! When I talk of fashionistas being victims or icons, I mean fashion victims and so called fashion icons who think donning Chanel and Louboutins' is what makes them have "style" or "dress sense"!
Fashionistas range from the oldest possible times we can think of ... wasn't Krishnaji fashion conscious when he wore the mor-mukut with the beautiful peacock feather on it? :) And today girls clad in New York’s elegant drapes with modern twists, Paris’ classic tailoring, London’s cozy knits and India’s subtly-embellished dresses are all termed fashionistas!!
These days every second starlet who can afford a pricey foreign frock or the latest ‘it’ bag, stakes a claim to that dodgy title. Let’s accept it; Indians today are lost in this world of fashion! They lack originality and blindly follow what’s given to them! There used to be women (Nargis, Mumtaz, Madhubala) who inspired two generations of Indian women with their very distinct style statements. Today, the ball game has changed to an extent that any skinny wannabe with a stylist at her beck and call can happily and rather grandly call herself a style icon without blushing.
 Today’s women idolize the likes of Paris Hilton and posh Beckham who won't bow down to anyone but will do a free bend over! Movies these days are illogical...take, for e.g. Aisha. Calling it a movie based on Jane Austen’s novel is the worst possible comment for Jane Austen! The movie looks like a sad, pathetic version of TVC's on Gucci and Prada. These days, anything that is bizarre and unusual becomes a style statement...strangely, style is now associated with big brands and labels rather than simplicity, innovation and elegance. To me fashion and style is what you feel comfortable and confident in and not what others may want to see you in. u can look killer in a pair of denims and a plain white shirt and look hideous in a stunning red gown!!
A true fashionista doesn't need labels to define her identity – she defines the labels with her personality. She doesn't blindly imitate the so called trendy people and clone their style, instead, believes in setting trends of her own by looking HERSELF! These days we crown someone as a fashionista if the person buys couture from the latest international collections...If u establish your own sense of style that has nothing to do with someone else’s yardstick of what’s fashionable, then only you are a fashionista in the true sense! It’s got to be someone who looks gorgeous draped in a saree and manages to look pretty in a mini too, someone who manages to carry off everything in a fab way!

So, wannabe fashionistas, take a free tip, you will never be what u want to be by aping someone and following the fashion diktats like brain-dead people..!!Define yourself with what’s distinctly you. And then, boom! The world will have another fashionista with a brand new style! ;)

PS: Another one of my old write ups. These exams have sucked the life out of me. I've been such a lazy blogger off late, not writing any new posts, not reading any posts from fellow bloggers. :/
I have to do a post on the lovely awards conferred on me too. God! Bless me with some time. -_-


  1. One quick way to get yourself some time is to stop trying to define your own style and just copy+paste from others.. :)

    "today's fashionistas refuse to bow, but will do a free bend-over" that was a catchy line.

  2. People can do anything for attention. In a way, the race for being branded as 'fashionistas', rather for branding themselves as 'fashionistas' is a desperate attempt for attention, whether someone just wants to stay in the gossip columns in the hope of getting attention and subsequent movie roles or they are silly and dependent enough for the attention of their friends.

    I had a friend in college who once said about the way we Indians do research, which is mostly copying and outsourcing. If you copy from someone who is getting 60% marks, the most you are gonna get is that 60%

    Don't let your exams and overall busyness disappoint you. Think of it as a hiatus or something. When you come back after staying away some time, you have new thoughts and thinking patterns.

  3. true...:)
    the main focus is to be comfortable and yet looking pulled together..:)
    as they say "Dress for the day that you want to have, not the one you are trying to have"..:)

  4. Soo nicely put ! You should write more often , ohh and i mentioned you on my blog , do check it out :)