Friday, 26 April 2013

Get your freak on!

Okay, so there's this brilliant feminist page I follow on Facebook  which unlike most of the other pages there (created out of  sheer boredom), actually has sensible stuff to offer. Well most of the times i'd like to think. So i was scrolling down my wall feeds and I didn't give as much as a glance to stupid status updates by equally stupid people till i reached this one post shared on that page which said "Tomorrow you wake up as the opposite sex. What's the first thing you will do?" and it got me thinking.
The comments of some people were really really interesting, which is why i'm doing this post to know what my fellow bloggers would do if this were to happen to them. :D
This one female says what's the point of changing gender IF you are just going to repeat the old patterns of self-serving, profitable behaviors?
Another woman says she'd run in front of a truck(bwahaha)
All the guys seemed thrilled with the prospect of waking up as a woman while on the contrary most women wanted to commit suicide( LOL!). Apparently they didn't find anything too interesting about a man's life except for the fact that they can pee just about anywhere!
Most of the guys' comments were ridiculously insane. I just couldn't stop laughing. What's with guys obsessing over lesbian action man?
Okay okay, I'm not really looking for an answer there. :P

Now now now, what would i do if i woke up one fine morning to see a young-sturdy-flat chested man in the mirror in place of my regular tousled hair-puffed eyes self?
I would go completely berserk! I thought of a lot of things that i'd like to do. It could be fun if you come to think of it. :D

Anyway, I don't want to evoke blushes and clucks of alarm here. :P
So, people, you tell me? What's the first thing you'd do if you woke up as the opposite sex tomorrow? :D


  1. If I woke as a girl tomorrow, I will concentrate on the emotional side of things, and do things that I as a guy would never have done. So, not a single thing.

    1. Pinch/punch myself to see if it is a dream.
    2. Tell parents I love them (really difficult thing to do as a guy).
    3. Call friends and apologize for the times I've been mean.
    4. Analyze my life, where I am and where I am going, from a (hopefully) different perspective.
    5. Figure out a way to be a guy again!

    Lesbian action sounds cool too :-)

  2. Hmm.. you got me thinking too.. I feel.. would be nice to wake up as a guy.. a real 'mard'.. finally!

  3. I would freak out for the most part.. and my mind will go blank as it is now.. I really can't think of anything special I'll do.. Except stare in the mirror and wait for the dream to be over.. lol :D

  4. I have such decent fellow bloggers, wow! xD

  5. I too have come across this on facebook. :-)

    There's so many things involved in it. Is it just you changed physically or physically as well mentally. Is it reversible. If its not, how are you going to cope up with it. How are you going to inform your family and friends, and work place. How its going to affect your social circle. Your gender was also in a way one of your identity till now, how is this new gender going to impact that. And if you are already in love with a person of same or opposite sex, how is it going to turn out now. If you come to think of it, its more problem than fun.

    Well what will I do.? Although I will be very much amused by all the physical change for some time, the two immediate things which will worry me would be proving my identity and finding dress to wear and go out. :-) :P

  6. Oh, wow, that is a toughie. I honestly don't want to wake up as a boy. And, if I do then maybe, I would start a campaign for educating the men, who think that world is just their own.
    And on a lighter note, I would first just get some clothing for me first.

  7. babe r ya???!! :) Sorry saw ur message on my blog just few weeks ago. Am hardly blogging nowadays due to my MBA & MBA internship!!

    Stay in touch sweets!! xo

    add me on ur gtalk if possible :)

  8. ..No one would dare to get freaking transformed to opposite sex for other than one very obvious reason(u knw it very well) even if one's subconscious mind takes over :)..
    I would say that you have the courage to admit your fantasies through this post...really appreciate it.!!..needless to say but you have got high estrogen level girl!!!

  9. Hey there! Sorry I took eons to revert to you. Just had a LOT of stuff going on. Following you now! :)

    Hmm. What if I wake up as a guy? Go on a road trip. One where I wouldn't have to worry about being a girl traveling alone. And punch every guy who broke my heart when I was a girl.

  10. shave. cry. die.

    see that rhymes. a poetic end.

  11. Its been a while. Where have you gone, fellow Blogger? :)

  12. Damn. This is crazy. And funny. But, how did people not mention it here? Lesbian sex. Shopping. And what not. Hahaha. =D

  13. I am so enjoying this :D
    Sorry for disappearing like a fool without any notice, my placement season is on. Been busy there.
    Hopefully I will be posting regularly now :)

    I have to catch up on all the stuff i have missed all these days O.o