Sunday, 3 February 2013

High on life!

I woke up to my mother's beautiful voice singing in the kitchen preparing the regular Sunday brunch. I fished for my mobile under my pillow(a herculean task!). Damn. It was 11 already. I had such important stuff lined up for the day and I was already running late. I'd have to get back home before it got dark. I wouldn't get enough time. Shit square.:O I leaped out of my bed, rushed in the kitchen to give mom a peck on the cheek before i got on with the rest of the work.
I jumped into the most comfortable denims i owned, a gunji and a cardigan, slipped into my loafers as fast as i could. Just a hint of kohl and big jhumkas would do the trick i think to myself. I devour the sumptuous meal prepared by mom. One look at the clock and i swear to myself i'd get up early every morning for the rest of my Sundays!
I rush out of the house waving a quick goodbye to mum, reassuring her with a look that i'd be back before dark, and walk steadily towards my destination. My hair's escaping from the ties but who cares.
45 more minutes of walking and rickshaw and metro and there! I have reached. Stands before me in all its glory Select city walk mall, the pride of Delhi. I walk in the mall through the gigantic glass-doors all sweaty and panting, with most of my perfume worn off, like a victorious warrior. And i look around and see the four letter words on each showroom that can make a woman's wildly beating heart flip: "SALE"..Oh my! So many shops to cover in such little time! I begin on my rampage. I storm past fancily dressed women and haughty young men to get the best bargains. I have saved for long now and i deserve a little treat. I pick up pretty scarves and dresses and accessories. I throw questions at the sales guy till he gets tempted in his mind to quit his job "You got a size L in this?" "What other shades you got in this piece?". I rush to the trial rooms. Baah. I can't buy all of it. How disheartening. I wish i could trade my life with that super rich fool who had all the money in the world to buy her the best of everything but no taste in life whatsoever! :l
Unfair god!

I buy a select few items from the huge lot that i'd collected in the trial room making a mental note of all the things i'll have to convince mom to buy for me. And run to the other stores. The saga continues.
Irritated salesgirls. Long queue of people cursing me outside the trial room while i try almost the entire store. Billing counter and the momentary depression.
And then i finally walk out of the mall, a triumphant look on my face, arms numb from holding all the shopping bags, a growling stomach and money barely enough to land me home. Mom's gonna be so furious. :O

I save for months, and it takes one day, just one day to blow it all.
Never mind! I convince myself that treating yourself once in a few months is not too bad! =D

Is it just me with the shopping fixation? Or do you suffer from the same thing?

What i have come to realize over the time is that women are fixated with shopping, more so with sales! I'm not implying that men aren't. They may be. But women just are. Like its flowing in their blood, and no, the monthly cleansing just doesn't help them get rid of it! Women and their undying fascination with sales!
It is truly said that it is the best cure for all the problems of a woman. Well, chocolate too.
But anyway, coming back to shopping, my funda in life is simple. Shop till you drop. :D
If things go wrong, a pretty dress washes the problem away for a day or two! ;)


  1. You look amazing :O

    I know it has nothing to do with this post, sorry. But I couldn't help but notice o_O

    Oh I did read the post though :-s. Being a guy I'll never be able to know or understand why women are so obsessed with shopping. I have no idea how papa takes mummy to shopping. All these years I just believed he loved her that's all. To be honest, I would never be able to stand more than 10 minutes :-?

    One could think women have OCD for sale o_O

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  2. Lol. Thanks. I'm thinking the Facebook badge isn't really needed here now. :P

    Well, knowing our shopping capacity(Mom, Sister and I, poor papa!)my father never bothers to go shopping with us. :P
    Shopping for me is a sweet indulgence. I never bothered myself trying to know the reasons behind my obsession with it! :D

  3. Woah...finally a feminist.
    See your writing style possesses a certain level of power, u know which I wish I had...Its beautiful!
    The world needs people like you..People need to realize the importance of a woman in the modern world...I went through ur previous posts and poof I was blown away mate...Never stop writing...U earned yourself a devout reader...
    #Keep doing what u are doing.
    ##Funny thing the first thing I told my sister after reading ur blog? "Sissy, there are people like me out there in the world. Maybe the world can be changed after all."
    PS- You asked me to follow you.I wont just do that mate, I will share ur blog.
    PPS- Follow me back too if u can.
    #Cheers. Never stop being "High on life". :)

    1. Such kind words! *bloating in pride*. literally. :P
      I really need devout readers right now. Started writing after a long while. need to build up the confidence again! :)

      Following you!

      I'm eternally high on life i think. *touchwood* :D

  4. Diksha! Ditto story!
    Every girl who will read this,,,will feel mutual.

  5. I hope you never come to London with a credit card. Your credit card debt will take a life time to pay off.

    1. I shall only come to London when i have that kind of money then! :P

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  7. Of course we can follow, I am following you now, please follow me back:-)

  8. WOW! WOW! WOW!! Awesome post! Seriously, every single female out there can totally connect to your words :) I am like a toddler on sugar rush when I go shopping :P When in distress, 2 things work best: Chocolate and retail therapy ;)

    P.S. Great blog!!! I read all 3 of your posts and I could certainly draw a few parallels between our thoughts :) Keep writing :)
    P.P.S. Had to share this quote: “When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it's not, and I need to do it again.”
    ― Sophie Kinsella
    That's sooooo me ;)

    1. Thanks Ruya!
      Welcome to my blog! ;)

      Shopping is in our systems. Sophie Kinsella speaks our minds! XD

  9. I guess we all have a little bit Sophie Kinsella in us! :)
    Great post Diksha- I'm a follower, would love for you to follow me back! :)

  10. I have never been the one for shopping, it's not very often that I get excited to go shopping. I hate wandering aimlessly through shops.
    Anyway thanks for dropping a comment on the blog, and as for your request sure let's follow one another! :)

    1. You're exactly like this friend of mine who's ready with a stick to beat me every time i dare to mention shopping!
      But believe me, you save yourself a lot of big bucks. Lucky you! :P

  11. Story of my life! You are not alone girl :)
    Following you!

  12. haha..superb..:) shooping is the best way to freshen up a girl's mood..:) keep writing diksha...just added as your follower...:)

  13. such an embellished description of otherwise very intricate statement "I went shopping"...

    1. That's what we bloggers do, don't we? ;)

  14. Lolz! I had a hearty laugh reading your post.... And I can very well relate to how you feel. No, I don't shop till I drop, but I do have my moments of craziness. But I have a couple of friends who have warned me with death penalty, if I go over board with shopping.... If I get back room with one extra pair of shoes than I intended, I do get beaten up by them!!! :P :D
    Do check out my blogs too sometime Diksha!

    1. Haha. My friends on the other hand jump crazy at the mention of one extra dress or accessory or anything. They get to adorn it too you see. :D ;)

      I will check out your blog soon. :)
      Keep visiting! ;)

  15. If you can't fight it Diksha, might as well enjoy it. Trawling through your other posts; do keep writing :)

  16. Who wants to fight it anyway? :D

    I will..thanks for visiting! :)